Without a doubt, the foremost common overhead door repair may be a broken overhead door spring. Luckily we are your local experts in overhead door spring repair. We also commonly repair what our customers ask because of the overhead door wire or the garage door wire. The professional term for this is often an overhead door cable or a garage door cable, but none the less skilled and experienced at repairing them. 


We Repair broken garage door springs, garage door cables, broken garage door openers and overhead door repair often! We also conduct many free garage door estimates.


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Can You Replace a Garage Door Panel?

Re you in need of a garage door panel replacement thanks to a neighborhood of your garage door becoming jammed, cracked, worn, or damaged? Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll replace the panel instead of installing a new garage door. The great news is, it’s possible to exchange only one — or a couple of — panels on your overhead door.

Read on to get the most straightforward thanks to fixing a garage door panel, what costs to expect, and when to talk with knowledgeable a few garage door panel replacements.

How to Fix a Garage Door Panel

Garage door panels are the sections of the door you’ll see from outside when the door is closed or above you within the garage when the door is open. When one among the outside panels becomes damaged or worn, your first thought could also be to exchange the panel and zip else. Sometimes, garage door panel replacement is all that’s needed. You’ll get to replace or repair only your garage door panels if you have:

  • Minor dents on the door
  • Slight scuffs or scratches within the paint
  • Damaged panels that have available replacements

In other cases, replacing only one panel are often tricky. Garage door parts specially designed and measured for every specific door. By replacing just one meeting, which may be a central part of the door, you’ll be compromising the door’s structural integrity. Also, if one panel broke, it will mean the connecting and moving parts connected to the conference are also damaged, including the struts or the garage door track.

Replacing a garage door panel will be less expensive if your garage door is more sort of a shed. If it’s attached to your home or visible from the road, however, it’s going to be wiser to exchange the whole overhead door for cosmetic and security reasons.

Garage Door Panel Repair Cost

Panel repair is often one of the costlier garage door fixes. The value to exchange a panel depends on the servicer’s hourly rate. Usually, one hour’s wages is the minimum charge. Any materials needed for the repair will add on to the present minimum amount. 

If you opt to travel for the whole garage door replacement, the full cost — including labor and supplies — can reach approximately $1,000. Always sign up together with your dealer for a quote or to seek out what’s covered by your warranty.

Wood vs. Aluminum Garage Door Panel Repair

When it involves aluminum garage door panel repairs, dents and scratches could also be more prevalent thanks to the standard of the fabric. Wood garage door panels, on the opposite hand, are incredibly durable and immune to bumps and dings. We manufacture wood doors to ensure our customers have access to the very best quality and longest-lasting garage doors on the market. 

Garage Door Bottom Panel Replacement 

Of all the sections of garage doors, rock bottom one must get replaced most frequently. Sometimes, a problem with a garage door panel indicates a more significant problem with the door. You’ll get to purchase a full garage door panel replacement for several reasons, including multiple sections wanting to get replaced, the door being an older model, the parts connected to the panel damaged also, or the whole door had faded thanks to the weather.

If you would like help deciding whether to exchange or repair a wood or aluminum garage door panel, we’re here to assist. We’ll send a trained member of our team to your home or business to assess the garage door and its needs. We’ll ensure your garage door is safe for operation and answer any questions you’ve got before starting our service repair or replacement.

  1. Wearing face masks.
  2. Encouraging our technicians to wash and sanitize their hands before and after each service/ sales call.
  3. Maintaining social distancing.
  4. Cleaning and disinfecting tools and necessary equipment before and after each service/ sales call.
  5. Continuing to watch CDC guidelines as they are available out.

We have provided all employees with masks and recommended disinfectants to make sure both their safety and yours.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns, and in fact, give us a involve any of your garage door needs.

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Beau Parker Elijah

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