Crime Scene Cleanup and Other Hazard Removal Services

Undiscovered deaths, crimes, hoarding cleanup and similar incidences with the presence of waste and other hazards requires professional removal. Crime scene cleanup and other hazard cleanup must be done by professionals, who will be able to safely and thoroughly removal everything from blood to medical waste to feces and more. The following is a guide to common crime scene, hoarding and other hazardous material cleanup services.

Suicide and Homicide Cleanup

After the police and coroner teams have left, it is up to a professional cleaning team to handle the scene of suicides and homicides. Cleanup includes removing blood, body matter and fluids and anything else which has contaminated the scene of the crime. Crime scene cleanup needs to be incredibly thorough, down to removing even small specks of blood from hard to see areas, in order to ensure the room is sanitary, safe, and free of remnants of the suicide or homicide scene.

Hoarding Cleanup

When a home, apartment or other space has been the site of hoarding, it can leave behind a host of trash, waste, feces and other hazardous material. Hoarding cleanup is designed to completely and thoroughly remove the effects of hoarding in order to leave a space clean and safe.

Undiscovered Death Cleanup

When someone’s death is undiscovered, it leads to body decomposition. Decomposition causes the buildup of bodily fluids and gases that can be hazardous and otherwise dangerous. The proper cleanup of the remnants of undiscovered death needs to be completed by a professional team.

Medical Waste Cleanup

Hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms and residences with at-home care may need medical waste cleanup services for a variety of reasons. Medical waste will ensure that the office, hospital room or other area contaminated with medical waste is thoroughly cleaned.

Mold Removal

Mold can cause odors, damage to a home as well as a host of health issues. If a residence or business has been contaminated with mold, it needs to be professionally handled in order to make sure that the mold is completely removed.

Sewage Backup Cleanup

If sewage has backed up into the home, this can cause some serious odors as well as the buildup of hazardous gases. A professional team can make sure that the odors and all traces of the sewage are completely removed from the home.

Remember: hazard removal needs to be completed by professionals in order to make sure that the scene of the hazardous material is both physically clean and medically safe to be in.

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Beau Parker Elijah

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