Different types of table runner to decorate your dining table

Table runner is an effective and an easy way to dress up an ordinary table in an attractive and enhanced way. It is a decorative thin ornamental cloth which stretches across the entire surface of table and hangs at the ends. These runners come in wide range of sizes, colors, and materials and you can choose your desired one from any local or from online store. You can choose different styles and colors according to the theme and event in which you want to use them. Nowadays, ikat table runner is getting popular among home decorative items due to its unique style.

Types of table runner

Silk table runner

Silk is one of the multifunctional excellent fabrics that can be used in every home decor. It gives an attractive and eye catching look to your table no matter whether you place it on your dining table, piano table or coffee table. These table runners can be washed easily and can be used for multiple times for long period. You can choose silk table runner with some embroidery on it which makes is more beautiful.

These types of table runners are mostly used in restaurants and hotels because they are easily washable and don’t have much effect of heat on them.        

Ikat table runner

Different materials like natural flowers, wood, fur and mirrors can be used, but the most famous and attractive runners are made by using ikat. This is mostly famous among traditional people; it can be used for various purposes like exhibition, weddings, and meetings and can also be used as simple home decorative item. These elegant and long lasting runners are generally hand-made which will surely add fresh and attractive touch to your home interiors.

These types of runners are mostly used on any special event or occasion due to its attractive and eye catching quality.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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