Door mat designs

Doormats or entrance mats have existed since the 19th century and they also come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs, and materials depending on the place. 

Designs of Door mats

Scraper Carpets

These carpets are made to allow you to scrape off dirty shoes before coming into your home, so that they don’t track dirt inside. Usually abrasive in design, these carpets often have edges that are perfect for placing against your shoe to make it easier to do the scraping. They are made of very tough materials, like PVC, coir, and vinyl, and they are slow to fade and made to stand up to the elements.

Interior Carpets

The interior carpets are made for the indoors and they often come with various colors and designs since there is no need to worry about fading from the sun or damage from other elements. Most of our indoor carpets have the capability to remove dirt and water but also look nice in your home.

Indoor/Outdoor Mats

These mats can be placed on the inside or the outside of your place. Their materials are sturdy and endure despite the weather conditions. It is recommended that you check its capability to scrape dirt off and absorption capability as both are important for these types of mats. 

Decorative Mats

These mats can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. Their main characteristic is their uniqueness. A decorative mat has company names, logos, funny sayings to catch your visitors. Bright colors mats also have patriotic designs, logos of sports teams, and even mesmerizing designs to attract visitors. 

Importance of door mats

Preserve life of flooring

There are incredible benefits people can have from doormats. One of the advantages is to have a doormat for people to dry their feet when they come into your home. A doormat has a great worth for money being sold despite the flooring you have whether it is wood floor, tile, or any other type. Flooring can be saved for a good number of years by using doormats.


Generally, doormats are designed to stand against the weather and traffic that comes over a doormat than your regular flooring. They can long last and at times as long as you’re flooring due to the way they are manufactured. Doormats make sure long-lasting flooring and at the same time fulfill the welcoming function essential for homes.

Defends your carpets against mud, dirt and water

One of the benefits of placing entrance mats at each door in your home is to encourage your visitors to wipe their feet and prevent mud and dirt being entered into your home. 75% of the dirt in the carpet comes from the bottom of shoes. All kinds of particles, dirt, dust and mud can collect on the bottom of shoes and be brought inside. Entrance mats provide the level of protection to dirt and dust getting into your home.

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Beau Parker Elijah

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