Ensure minimal hassle Guildford skip hire

Items You Can And Cannot Put In A Skip Hire

Skip hire is a waste removal system helping to eliminate bulk waste. Skips are cost-effective and convenient in managing waste produced. Navigating safely the process of Guildford skip hire ensures minimal hassle.

Find suitable location

Choosing a suitable location enable skip hire smoothly ensures easy loading in the commercial or domestic premises. Skips become heavy and damage driveway on placing the stabilizing equipment. Position the skip equipment and alleviate the problem. The skip should be positioned on a pavement or a public road. However, check with a professional Guildford skip hire company to know if a skip permit is required and understand the rules of local council.

Appropriate size

 Choosing an appropriate Guildford skip hire is to be realistic and to estimate waste production. It is best to overestimate the size of the skip as it is illegal to overfill. You must clear regularly to eliminate the need for a second skip.  The skips measurement is taken as rubbish 10 bin bags = 1 yard.


The skip hire truck accessibility is crucial to consider. Most companies offering skip hire services maneuver variety of roads, and it is worth informing in advance to the driver of the expected waste load. It is a positive way of keeping the vehicle and everyone safe, besides keeping the pets or children nearby.

A reliable company

Choosing a reliable company ensures a smooth process. Selecting a dependable Guildford skip hire firm ensures great customer service. Look for trustworthy professionals and ensure the company you hire offer has a range of commercial and domestic clients. Professional companies are experts and they load smartly the skip. Applying logic in skip filling is a must such that it must first have heavier items and place on top lighter items. Fill the gaps with smaller items and ensure a tight packed ship. Also remember, to bend your legs, keeping the back straight while lifting heavy items. It is important to consider your own health safety, in case you are loading.

Things you must avoid

Rules vary as per the policies of each local council and from the hiring company. However, you cannot hire any Guildford skip hire without knowing what you cannot load in the skip. It is a must to know than paying fines. Things to avoid include:

  • Asbestos, gas bottles, hazardous items or materials, paint cans, oil based paint, tyres, electric items, medical or clinical waste, batteries, diesel/petrol/oil, liquids, other solvents, and more.
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