Fibreglass Pools Entrances and Ideal Depths

What to look for in a great pool entrance?

There are many factors attached to a pool entry, a pool professional just knows these things all too well. But it’s always better to be well informed about the obstacles or options you’re confronted with.

In case of fibreglass pool even though the type of your pool entry may be a package deal with your pool shell, there’s still a few things to look for:

1. About Handrails

Handrails make your pool safer for children, elderly and everybody else. They’re a must with pool ladders but can also be added to pool steps making it look more sophisticated than ever.

2. Avoiding accidents

Make sure that your pool entry has a non-slippery surface which is a great way to ensure safety of your loved ones. Using rough surfaced tiles, or stones for the entryway is a good option.

3. Focus

To ensure that your pool is accessible to everyone and people who’re most likely to use it, focus on their needs and preferences. It should take care of children’s clumsy footings and old people’s need for support.

4. Design

Your pool entry should reflect the charm of your pool, be careful with how complementing both factors are to each other. There are many cool options out there, if your pool gives a modern vibe then your pool entry should be similar to those vibes.

There’s a lot of attention to details required when it comes to making decisions for your pool. Your pool entry should not only elevate the appearances but experience as well. When in doubt, don’t hesitate in consulting a pool professional.

Pool depth: What works for you?

Your very own inground swimming pool is on the verge of getting installed, you have taken all the major decisions regarding the best material which is fibreglass, a cool waterfall feature and whatnot. But there’s one issue that’s going unobserved, the depth of your pool.

The ideal pool depth is influenced by a whole lot of factors which we’ll try explaining in depth (pun intended), but whatever you choose in the end it all boils down to your personal choices.

Pool depth according to different activities

You need to plan your pool according to the various activities your pool will accommodate.

For kids: 3′ or less

This is the ideal depth for a kiddie pool because you want them to be able to practice swimming while staying relatively safe. But also bear in mind that kids hit a growth spurt in no time, you don’t want to waste money on a shallow end nobody wants to stay in.

For swimming: 3’5

You need enough room for full range of motion without scraping yourself on the bottom. For real swimming, consider lap pool in which your major concern should be its length and not depth.

For Recreation: 3.5′ – 4′

For playing water games and sports like Volleyball and Basketball, you need a pool with a depth where players can easily play around, stand up and swim. It’ll be ideal if the depth is uniform to avoid unfair advantage to any set of players.

For cooling off: 4′

The height of swimmers is worth considering in this case, the water should be waist high for lounging. Also, an extra-shallow area for loungers and dip their toes in the water.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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