How Is A Vinyl Floor Placed

Vinyl floors also offer an extraordinary variety of designs, from bright colors, abstract motifs, white, black compositions, and even perfect reproductions of natural materials such as wood and stone. Are you interested in knowing how to install it?

Vinyl floors give comfort by treading as they provide cushioning. They were born to be installed in hotels, playgrounds, and of course, in large shopping centers, the goal, to reduce vibrations, maintain hygiene, and alleviate footprints. Today, a multiple of vinyl floor finisher [ตัว จบ กระเบื้อง ยาง which is the term in Thai] are available, bright, matte, extra matte, non-slip, and almost natural textures. The sensation that visually gives a vinyl floor is so achieved that apparently, you step on a real tile or a real wooden slat.

Vinyl Roll Installation

  • Use vinyl glue diluted in water
  • Clean the surface well with a damp cloth
  • Present the piece for its subsequent trimming marking the fold before cutting
  • Spread a layer of vinyl glue using a flat and wide brush
  • If the format is rolling, spread it on the tail, the roll will be pushed with a plastic or wooden master plate lined with textile to avoid possible scratches (greater flatness and settlement of the vinyl to the ground)
  • Once you reach the edge of the base of the wall or the furniture cut with a professional ctex, a ruler or an angle of steel is also necessary for the cuts to be perfect, without waves or line unmarking
  • For a precise cut, the ctex is used horizontally, and the ruler presses the edge where it is to be cut to the limit. The remaining millimeters needed to reach the cutting edge do not remain retracted and cover until the end of the plane, thanks to the initial cutting position of the ctex.
Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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