How Much Does It Cost To Fly On A Private Jet

Private jet is a great way to fly in style and save on time and money. Yes, you in fact can save on money. In this article I am going to reveal everything about flying in a private jet, how the cost works and how anyone can afford it.

Why Should You Fly On A Private Jet?

There are many reasons to fly on a private jet. First, you get to fly in style. Second, you get to avoid all those long check in, baggage drop, and security lines at the airport. Not to mention all the groping by the TSA. When you fly on a private jet. There is no check in or bag drops. The airline takes care of everything and treats you like a king.

You also fly on a private jet when your time is more important, you want to reach somewhere in a  hurry or make a good impression by landing in a private jet.

Private Jet Costs Per Plane Not Per Seat

Most private jets are priced for the entire plane not per seat. So depending on the jet you hire, it costs you a certain amount per hour of flying for the entire plane. This can go anywhere from $1500 an hour to $ 5,000 an hour depending on the plane you choose. 

It is totally worth renting a private jet if you are flying with your corporate team or have more family members to join you on the trip.

This is so much cheaper than buying a private jet of your own. You will be spending anywhere between 12-30 million USD to buy a plane, then pay for crew and maintenance. Whereas for a fraction of the price you can just rent and fly.

Private Jet Cost Per Seat

These days the demand for flying in private jets is on the rise. So there are many companies that are offering shared seats. In this case you only pay for the seat and not for the entire flight.

This is a cheap and economical way to fly a private jet if you are traveling solo and don’t want to deal with the hassle of commercial airlines.

The shared seats can cost anywhere between $250 to $5,000 per person – per hour of flying depending on the flight you chose. Basically you could fly from San Francisco To Los Angeles for about $250-300 in a private jet. Anybody can afford this price.

For Best Rates Call Charter Companies

It is always a good idea to call a few charter companies and ask them for a quote. Often they have booked a one way flight and need to fill it with travelers on the return flight. If you happen to be flying the same route, you can expect heavily discounted pricing. 

Also, sometimes the planes are going for repairs and maintenance. Once again they offer discounts to fill it with travelers to cover up some of the cost of flying.

So you see it quite easy to fly on a private jet these days. It is affordable and with little planning you can get great deals to fly in style and save time.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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