How to Know What Toilet Seat You Have

Knowing which type of toilet seat, you have can be confusing. When you look at your toilet seat, you’ll be confronted with many rows of white, hinged seats that you think look similar. Here is how to know the type of toilet seat you have:

Size and Shape

Same as toilets, toilet seats come in different sizes and shapes. To know the right toilet seat, work out the shape of your pan first. This is very easy if your toilet seat is attached to the toilet. Most basic and older toilets are oval or round shaped toilet seats. More modern toilets come have D shaped or square toilet seats. Some toilets have a toilet seat with a different shape to match the bowl’s shape. These are dedicated toilet seats and need the exact seat that matches the pan.

Types of Toilet Seats

Toilet seats come in a wide selection of styles. Whether your bathroom is comfy and traditional or sleek and modern, you’ll find the perfect seat that will fit your toilet.


Ideal standard toilet seats can either be traditional or contemporary in style, and they can come in various materials and finishes. These seats are easy to fit and suit different types of bathrooms. Visit more non-branded and Ideal Standard toilet seats at Choice Replacement Toilet Seat Shop.

Open Front

This type of toilet seat is common in public and home restrooms. Open front looks like a horseshoe. Some people claim that the horseshoe design protects the toilet from drips when men are urinating. Others say that it safeguards those using the toilet from spreading diseases because the genitals don’t touch that area.

Soft Close

Soft close toil seat is designed to bring calm luxury to your everyday life. The seat closes as soon as you start pushing it down. It’s controlled by gravity, but special, tensioned-hinges attached to this toilet seat control the gravity. As a result, the seat closes slowly without slamming down. Give the seat a light tap and it will only take a few seconds for the seat to come to rest. It’s used in family bathrooms to help avoid trapped fingers.

Solid Wood Toilet Seats

These types of seats are ideal for people looking for a more traditional bathroom. They have different finishes, including natural oak and plain white. These toilet seats are usually made of bamboo or wood: These are natural products that deviate from texture and colour.

Raised Toilet Seats

These types of toilets are ideal for those with posture issues; hence they have a hard time when it comes to using a regular toilet. The solution is to raise the height of the toilet seat instead of installing a new toilet or raising the toilet. Standard raise seats can raise the height of your toilet seat from anywhere between 2 to 6 inches.

Many individuals with various medications and sleeping devices need raised toilet seats to offer them support. Tall people also purchase these seats to help them install a toilet that is commensurate to their height.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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