Latest design trends from long island landscape architects

Landscapes are in high demand in America, due to the practicality and beauty they add to the overall look and feel of the house. Landscapes can be made according to the needs of the customer so that it can cater their needs easily. Landscape architects Long Island come up with beautiful designs to help customers find the perfect landscape for their home.

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The following are some of the most popular design trends from around the world.

  • Getting the indoor feel outside

This has been in practice for a long time but the latest designs take it up a level. Latest designs include features like outdoor fireplace, sofas, tables etc; their popularity has grown so much due to the fact that they allow a living room experience outdoor.

  • Kitchen gardens and outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens and kitchen gardens are a great addition to the overall landscapes and add practicality to it as well. People can enjoy outdoor cooking with their homegrown vegetables and herbs. This design is great for people who hold regular family get-togethers and small parties.

  • Water fountains

Water is considered as one of the most important elements. It is known to provide peace and calmness through its flow, movement and sound. Having a water fountain surrounded by chairs will be great both practically and in terms of the looks. A clever blend of different shapes of lighting with the fountain will give you a mesmerizing water show and will surely turn a lot of heads.

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  • Outdoor entertainment space

A lot of people nowadays are requesting to have an outdoor entertainment space in their houses. These can include open air movie theatre; tree house etc. people can enjoy the feel of being in outdoor area with the comfort of their home. Expert architects take the design feature of your interior decoration to create a lively garden around these spaces to liven things up. 

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