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Ovens are considered one of those appliances that can easily turn a kitchen into a crime scene. There is steak juice accumulated at the bottom, a potato chip that fell from the rack and turned into carbon, and the slimy grease on the glass preventing you from seeing what is going inside the oven for several months.

Not sure how exactly to take care of an oven? It doesn’t seem easy, but the promise of a spotless appliance and amazing food makes an effort worthy. Many individuals seek professional assistance, but if you plan on carrying out the procedure on your own, please check out the following write-up. It specifies everything to know about cleaning ovens, from a simple press of the button to mixtures that melt even the most stubborn stains.

Self-Cleaning Option

A large number of modern ovens are equipped with self-cleaning features. When heated to approximately 900 degrees Fahrenheit, the bacteria are killed successfully, but you may find a small amount of ash inside. Wipe that down using a damp cloth.

The chief drawback of self-cleaning is that the oven remains locked for five hours and generates substantial heat, which is unbearable during the summer season. The obnoxious odour is harmful for your health.

Store-Bought Cleaner

The professionals offering kitchen cleaning and maintenance services that also include oven repair said the cleaning solutions found in the market are capable of removing baked-on grime and grease seamlessly.

Spray the cleaner you purchased evenly inside the oven and let it sit for half an hour. Use a cloth to wipe the stains. Make sure to put on gloves because many products contain chemicals that can harm the skin.

How to Clean the Rack?

No matter what kind of oven you have, the best way to clean the metal racks is by extracting them out and soaking them in boiling water with a little detergent powder. After two hours, use a stiff brush to scrub the racks. Rinse and dry before putting them back inside the oven.

You may also use baking soda or vinegar instead of boiling water. The key is to let the ingredients sit for a prolonged period. Steam cleaning is also believed to be an amazing option because it involves no chemicals.

How to Clean the Knobs?

Spraying the knobs directly with cleaners is disadvantageous. The liquid can get inside the knobs and short circuit the control panel. Now, who would want that, right? Spray a rag with a cleaner, and rub the knobs carefully with it. A microfiber rag or a disposable wipe will do.

How to Clean the Glass Door?

The door requires a delicate approach because glass is immensely prone to scratches. This means staying away from abrasive products and aggressive scrubbing. Apply a thick baking soda and water paste and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Now gently wipe the paste, rinse with water, and dry it. You will see the glass door will sparkle later.

The experts offering quality yet affordable kitchen cleaning and maintenance services said an oven could retain its brand-new shine and function seamlessly for a prolonged period only when maintained with utmost diligence. Implementing the steps mentioned earlier after every three to six months is enough.

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