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We all know that in the event of a breakdown, repairing a household appliance is less expensive than replacing it. But when you are not a handyman or do not know where the problem comes from, it is not always easy to know where to turn, and the fear of spending too much by calling a professional can sometimes put off. To avoid unpleasant surprises, professionals tell you all about the oven repair prices for a household appliance.

How Much Does A Home Appliance Repair Service Cost?

The cost of a home appliance repair service encompasses several things. Travel costs first of all, but also labor, to which is added the price of parts to be changed to put the appliance back in working order. Prices also vary depending on whether you call in a repairer during the day or evening, weekdays, weekends or on a public holiday. The degree of urgency of your repair and your location are also factors that can influence the asking price.

Depending on the type of household appliance and the nature of the fault to be treated, the repair may take more or less time. A seasoned professional is usually very familiar with common problems and can easily identify the root cause of most failures. Bear in mind, however, that a device that is difficult to access will take longer to move, and the fault will take longer to diagnose and repair.

Professionals can also offer a package, that is to say a cost that includes travel costs and time spent on site. This price excludes any parts to be changed which are subject to a separate estimate, once the device has been diagnosed.

The hourly labor rate for the repair of a household appliance thus generally varies between 40 and 75 dollars, but can sometimes reach 100 dollars in geographic areas where demand is high, such as in Île-de-France. Repair professionals generally align with market prices in their industry, but as they are free to set their prices, do not hesitate to compare multiple quotes if in doubt.

Repairing an Oven Or Stove

Among household appliances, stoves and ovens are undoubtedly those for which there is the greatest variety of models. Built-in or independent, electric, gas or mixed, with or without digital display. Remember to specify the model in question when you contact the repairer: the problems are not the same depending on the model you have, this will influence the complexity of the repair and therefore the estimate, so avoid unpleasant surprises.

In the case of gas ovens, when a problem with the temperature or ignition is observed, the repairer will usually need to replace the spark plug, thermostat or solenoid valve. In the case of an electric oven, he will inspect the power cables, the regulator, the thermostat, the calibration gauge, the resistance, and replace the defective elements. It may also be necessary, when necessary, to change the oven gasket or the interior bulb. Count from 150 to 250 $ for the intervention of a professional, excluding parts.

Maintaining the Oven and Gas Stove

For the oven or the gas stove, a good cleaning is enough. Also remember to change the door seal when necessary. On a kitchen hood, it is necessary to regularly clean the metal grease filter as well as the charcoal filter, to ensure the correct operation of the appliance.

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