Radiant floor heating- installation methods and maintenance

You get up in the morning, out of your bed and land your bare feet on icy cold floor, in Toronto. Such a bad start can ruin your mood for the day. Installing a radiant floor heating could be a good option for a comfortable and warm home. Flexible tubes are installed under the floor to circulate the heat through the house equally. And because it warms the room from inside, the place will be warm for a longer time period. It is dust-free, efficient and silent system. You can get the best system for floor heating in Toronto by Heavenly Heat.

The radiant floor heating system work in the following two ways-

Hydronic-A water heater or boiler is installed in your house and the heated water runs through the plastic tubesunder the floor. The tubes could be buried in concrete, set in grooves above the subfloors or clipped to the underside of the floor. It is easy and cheap to operate, and thus is used to heat up the entire house. The water boiler can also be used as the primary source of heat in your house. The boilers come in many sizes to suit your budget and place; they also vary in the kind of fuel they use like oil, propane, coal and natural gas.

Electric-Cheaper than hydronic heating systems, the electric floor system uses electric cables in a mat or mesh fixed in thin mortar, above the subfloor. It heats up quicker than the hydronic system, as soon as the thermostat is turned on. The electric system used in heating is expensive, but is beneficial for supplement heating or warming up small rooms like kitchens and bathrooms; as it does not use a lot of energy.

The tile or wood flooring would be better than a carpet, as it would insulate the floor, eliminating the purpose of under floor heating system.


Some tips for maintaining your heating system-

  • Yearly maintenance check by professionals.
  • If noise is produced by the system, it might indicate some problem with pumps or boilers and should be checked.
  • Cleaning the pumps and examining pressure valves.
  • Replace the parts that have worn out.
  • Any leaks can damage the whole system, and thus should be attended immediately.
  • Low pressure can lead to high electricity bills.
  • Using rosin paper for laminating instead of tar paper as the latter can cause burning smell when warming up.
Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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