Start Your Own Crime Scene Cleanup Business

We have been named as one of the best franchises in the country, and we are at the top in our industry for providing crime scene cleanup. Here is your opportunity to positively impact the lives of people in your community. Start your own crime scene cleanup business, and also make a great income. 

We will train you in how to provide excellent service and care to your clients, people who have experienced trauma, like suicides and murder. It is very difficult to break into this field on your own. With the right training, our constant support and development strategies, you can have your own franchise and be very successful. 

We have established our brand, and it has become one that people know and respect. We have a referral base already developed for you. You won’t have to contact police departments, apartment communities, victim services groups, and other authorities and organizations to sell them on the idea that you are the right person to provide crime scene cleanup. 

You will likely spend much more money on capital and cleaning up after mistakes you make if you try to go it alone. You’ll wind up costing your business a lot of money. Save yourself cash and trouble by becoming a franchisee. Use our established referral networks, marketing plans, and solid vendor relationships to get your business off the ground and running strong. 

Going it alone also means that you have to deal with the intricacies of bureaucracy as you’ll have to learn local, state, and federal laws that detail how to handle bio-recovery work. We’ll show you how to do the work correctly and give you the equipment you need to meet the standards of the law when you clean. 

When you open a franchise with us, you’ll pay between about $80,800 and $124, 500 for your initial investment. The franchise fee is $35,000, and the QSP package is about $33,000. Our royalty fee is seven percent. 

Learn more about owning a crime scene cleanup business by contacting us. When tragedies occur, we are there to assist our clients in recovering and healing. We provide a practical service to help our neighbors in a difficult time, and our clients rely on us to be there for them. We work with integrity and compassion in all of our work. When you are ready to own your own business that positively impacts your community, we are here to get the process started. 

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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