Two Forms of Fatigue

Fatigue is most times our dreaded enemy, below we explain he forms of fatigue you should know and how to overcome it.

Fatigue in The Workplace

Office tiredness can be due to several reasons. Sitting for long periods is often an essential factor. Here, of course, movement helps best. Take a short walk at lunchtime or do sports during the break, do a few push-ups under the table or a few squats in the hallway – the main thing is that the circulation gets a little bit going. Another problem can be monotony and insufficient demands.

Anyone who spends his days doing well-established routine work that requires concentration but not brains will get tired. As far as possible, the variety has to be found here, in whatever form. It can be invigorating to have a phone call in between or chat with someone for 5 minutes in the coffee kitchen.

The bad air in many offices also promotes tiredness. Low oxygen content is not to blame, but stuffy air makes us tired. One reason for this is the CO2 content, which increases significantly when many people exhale in an enclosed space. The other reason is the warmth and dryness of heating air. Adequate old ventilation is rightly considered a remedy for tiredness. You can also place your legs on rubber antifatigue mats to help ease the fatigue.

Fatigue in Autumn and Winter

Many people are more tired in the dark season than in the other half of the year. The main reason for this tiredness in autumn and winter is the hormones. As the days get shorter, it is bright when most of the people are in the office. After work, the sun is gone, and with it the stimulating effect that sunlight has. Also, there is the cold and often stormy weather, which does not motivate outdoor activities.

Sunlight is an effective remedy for tiredness because it promotes the release of the invigorating hormone serotonin and is a prerequisite for forming vitamin D in the skin, whose deficiency can make you tired. But the lack of light in autumn and winter suppresses the production of these two hormones. It also promotes the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

But even in summer, tiredness is a problem for many. This is mainly due to the hot temperatures, which make every movement a feat of strength. However, exercise is important to get the circulation going. However, you should postpone your walks and sports units to the morning and evening hours if possible so that your body does not go limp in the blazing midday sun. Also, with the right diet, you can do something against heat exhaustion.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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