What determines the price of a modular kitchen? Find here!

Upgrading your kitchen could be an overwhelming project, and it makes sense to consider all relevant options. Contemporary homes mostly have modular kitchens, which are not just aesthetic and appealing, but allow homeowners to make the most of available space without compromising on function. However, people are often intimidated by the upfront cost, which can be considerably high, depending on the design. If you are wondering about modular kitchen price, we bring a few pointers that will help you understand how the costing works.


The layout of your modular kitchen depends largely on the space available. Typically, it could be a L-shaped, Parallel, U-shape, or straight kitchen. In case of U-shaped and parallel kitchens, the number of cabinets is usually more, so that can add to the price. If your space is limited, a straight kitchen on one side is the best way forward.


Most companies that design and install modular kitchens would be interested in knowing the measurements of available space, because that not only decides the price, but also the kind of designs you can consider. Many installers how have easy calculators on their website, where you can enlist the measurements and get a quick quote.


The pricing is also influenced by the materials selected for cabinets and shutters. While different companies offer different choices, the popular ones include medium & high density MDF, and ply BWR. Fiberboard, engineered wood, and ply can be used as required, depending on the design, but it is best to go for a waterproof material, considering splashes are common in the kitchen.


If you decide to get the countertop matched with the cabinets, the cost will shoot up. Again, there are various materials for countertops to choose from, but granite and marble remain the most common options. Dark-colored granite is more practical, as maintenance requirements are minimal, and there is limited chance of staining.

Finish for cabinet doors

Another aspect that adds to the price is the finish of cabinet doors. Polymer is a high-glossy and expensive option, and in case you are on a budget, go for laminate or membrane. Let’s agree that most people don’t have a clear idea of materials, textures and finishes, so asking for samples from the installation service is a wise idea.

Organization & appliances

The other two aspects are appliances and organization. If you are a professional chef, who wants certain utilities, those can add to the cost of design, while it is also possible to select appliances that are integrated into the modular kitchen.

Contact a few companies for modular kitchen installation today and get estimates. The pricing depends largely on the factors above, but there are ways to scale the costs.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

Elijah Beau Parker: Elijah, a certified green builder, discusses sustainable building practices, energy-efficient homes, and eco-friendly construction materials.