Would you rather own penthouse or rent a mansion?

What is a penthouse meaning? Know all its advantages & disadvantages

Finding your dream house can be overwhelming because it is usually a lifelong commitment for most people. This task becomes even more tedious when you limit your search criteria to luxury homes. If you’re shelling out all that money for a luxury property, it should meet all your specifications – it should be the place you dream of getting back to. A common dilemma when looking for a luxury home is choosing between a classic mansion and a penthouse.

Cough up a lump sum to rent your dream mansion or divert those funds into purchasing a more modern yet extravagant penthouse? There is no single correct answer, but in this article, we’ll lay out the features of both properties and hopefully make the best decision for yourself.


When people think of a penthouse, they imagine the top-floor unit of a building. However, this term has evolved to refer to luxury apartments with different layouts and amenities to others in the same building. Penthouses are mostly found in large cities, and most people who look at these apartments prefer to buy rather than rent. This is because it costs exorbitant fees if you’re looking to rent penthouse apartments in Washington DC and other big cities.

Features of a penthouse

Some of the common features to expect from a standard penthouse apartment are listed below;

  • More living space than other apartments in the building
  • Higher ceilings
  • Direct elevator access into the apartment
  • A private outdoor space such as a balcony or rooftop deck
  • Spacious living room & dining room space
  • Huge bedroom with its own bathroom
  • A well-equipped kitchen with top-notch appliances


Although the term mansion loosely identifies any luxury property these days; attaining the status entails more than just luxury features. For a building to be correctly described as a mansion, size is only one of the many factors to consider. It also has to be luxurious, impressive, and feature an exquisite architectural design.

Features of a mansion

What sets a mansion apart from other luxury buildings? Find out below;

  • Location is crucial. A mansion is remote and feels like a private castle.
  • Mansions expand outwards to cover more land.
  • Mansions generally have between 5 to 10 bedrooms and a high number of bathrooms too.
  • They often come with pools and fancy gardens.
  • Unlimited access and freedom in surrounding areas

Penthouse or mansion?

Both penthouses and mansions are fantastic homes that provide their owners with high levels of luxury and comfort. However, the major distinguishing factor is your personal preference. If you need a high-standard home right in the middle of the city and still retain your privacy, a penthouse is just for you. However, if you prefer a remote lifestyle in a large building with unlimited freedom, you’re better off renting a mansion.

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Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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