4 Events That Merit Calling a Urine Cleanup Service Jacksonville Florida 

The process of managing a feces/urine cleanup is more complex than many people think. Soap and water will not do the trick. When the problem is severe, the only practical solution is to call a professional cleaning and restoration service. Here are four events that merit making that call.

Catastrophic Sewage Backup

Whether the problem is clogged lines or a septic tank that’s past full, the result is the same. Sewage has backed out of the toilet and seems to be bubbling out of the shower drain too. It’s not just the stench that you have to consider. Raw sewage is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria. Unless the cleaning is done properly, much of it will linger on the floor as well as other surfaces. 

A professional cleanup service has the right type of cleaning products and supplies to take care of the problem. The technician who responds also knows how to take precautions so there is no chance of infection or contamination. When the team is finished, you don’t have to worry about any type of health issues arising from the backup. 

A Death Scene

Whether the death was a suicide or an even that was not discovered for a few days, dealing with the cleanup is not for amateurs. Along with blood, urine, and feces, there are likely to be viruses and airborne pathogens in the space. Once the police are done with the scene, the next people to enter the space should be a team from a local cleaning and restoration service. 

They will determine what it will take to clean the non-porous surfaces, and if there are any non-porous materials that can be salvaged. Whatever cannot be saved is hauled away for an environmentally responsible disposal. 

Cleaning Up Animal Feces and Urine Damage

Pets who left indoors unattended for a long time or older pets that no longer have much bladder control can do a great deal of harm to carpeting and area rugs. Depending on the severity of the situation, a professional from a urine cleanup service Jacksonville Florida may determine that it’s possible to clean, deodorize, and sterilize those materials. If not, the professional will make sure the floor coverings along with any upholstered pieces that cannot be saved are removed from the premises. 

Undoing the Damage of Vandalism

Walking into one of the buildings you own and finding that it’s smeared with human waste is not something anyone hopes to experience. If you do have tenants who vandalize the property before leaving or there’s waste left by intruders, don’t try to deal with the problem yourself. Call a cleaning service that has experience with all types of biohazards. They will clean every surface that can be cleaned, and maybe rescue some of the things you thought would have to go away. 

Remember that calling a professional allows you to avoid contact with substances that could pave the way for a number of health issues. They also have the resources to get rid of the odor and restore the look of the place. If you’re facing any problem related to excessive amounts of urine or feces within a space, call at once. A professional will be on the way in no time. 

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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