4 Landscaping Features for Your Yard

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If your yard is looking a bit barren, dull, or monotone, consider adding a splash of color and life to your yard! Flowers, succulents, shrubs, and flowering trees are a great way to add curb appeal to your home. A few plants that grow exceptionally well in the North Salt Lake area include chamomile, lavender, coral bells, daylilies, gaura, anemones, and bee balm. In addition, a few of these wildflowers attract wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies in the spring and summer months, which can add to the overall landscape of your home.


Walkways can be made of stones, wood, sand, gravel, and even cement! If you’d like your yard to have a bit more direction, or if you’d like a designated pathway for your evening strolls, walkways add a touch of charm and convenience that works well with various landscaping features. For example, decorate your yard with stepping stones or a lantern-lit pathway to create a whimsical stroll through your garden.


Fountains can serve as a source of beauty and relaxation. If your yard doesn’t yet have a focal point, fountains are a great choice, as they provide a sense of wonder and uniqueness. Consider a cast stone fountain for a garden look or a fiberglass fountain for an antique finish. Fountains may also be constructed with ceramic or metal. Although fountains are very aesthetic, beauty is not their only purpose. Fountains installed near benches and other seating areas can provide a gentle, serene sound for meditation and leisure. If you’re looking for a place to escape the noise of everyday life, hire a professional landscaper to install a lovely fountain.


Most yards are used, above all else, as gathering areas. When the weather is too nice to stay inside, outdoor furniture can come in handy. If your yard has a large, open space or a comfortable area, purchase durable outdoor furniture to create your own outdoor living room! Outdoor furniture may include benches, chairs, tables, sofas, gazebos, and bars. Accent your gathering area with a stone fire pit for s’mores and campfire songs, and you’re all set!

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Beau Parker Elijah

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