5 Best Things to Do in Your Hot Tub

Hot Tub Benefits: 7 Health Benefits of Soaking in a Hot Tub

Read a Book

Nowadays, most people don’t have the concentration or attention span to simply sit and read a book. However, the hot and calming nature of a hot tub creates an environment where the mind is clarified, the wit sharpened, and the heart opened. Before you retreat to your hot tub after a long day, grab your favorite book, or perhaps one you’ve never read, and read while the warm water gently pulls the tension and stress from within you.

Listen to Music

Be honest with yourself–you haven’t listened to that playlist of yours in quite some time. Or maybe you have, but you’ve never made it all the way through. Next time you spend an hour or two in your hot tub, set up a speaker or pop in some earbuds and listen to your favorite songs while you relax. Hot tubbing is the perfect opportunity to weed out and add songs to your playlist.

Do Yoga

Water buoyancy eases pressure on joints and heat reduces swelling, making hot tubs an ideal location for yoga and other forms of physical activity. Cross exercising and relaxing off your list at the same time by stretching in your hot tub. Watch a short YouTube video demonstrating some yoga poses and follow suit, using your environment to your advantage. The heat can also relieve tension in your body, allowing increased flexibility.

Make Phone Calls

According to a study in 2021, roughly eighty percent of millennials experience some form of anxiety or dread before summoning the courage to make a phone call. Hot tubs are known to relieve stress and anxiety, so take an hour or two to relax in your hot tub and make the phone calls you’ve been avoiding.


Meditation is becoming less and less common yet more and more necessary in today’s world. When the day seems to be swallowing you whole or you’re swamped with decisions that you’re unsure about, set aside some time for yourself to ponder and reflect in the comfort of your hot tub. Heat dulls the outward senses, allowing the mind to expand and form new ideas and perspectives. Use this to your advantage by meditating in your hot tub.

Play Games

Sudoku, crosswords, and word searches are all brain-stimulating games to fill your time with while you relax in the pool. Some studies indicate that these games may increase your intelligence quiz score over time. Let yourself relax without the guilt of being lazy by playing word and strategy games in your hot tub.

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