5 Types of Residential Roofing Options to Choose From

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It can be more difficult than you may imagine when it comes to picking the best kind of roof for retrofitting or for a new house. You can have many choices to pick from. Residential roofs can be constructed out of metal, wood, slate, ceramic tile and asphalt. These are among the 5 commonest types of roofing Townsville options that you can pick from.

Metal roofing

These are more environment-friendly, lightweight and low maintenance, and are getting more and more viable. But it can be tricky to carry out the installation, and an experienced contractor is needed for this type of roof installation. As long as the integrity of a roof structure is alright, repainting can be a good option when a metal roofing Townsville begins to lose its luster.

Slate roof shingles

These have a natural appearance and can resist fire, rotting etc. The shingles can last for a century and can easily be maintained. You can find Slate in various styles and colors. Cost and weight are the main disadvantages of slate tiles, and their installation needs plenty of expertise. However, Slate tiles break under the foot easily – which leads to complexities in rooftop maintenance and gutter cleaning.

Wood shake shingles

These are an eco-friendly roofing roofing Townsville option, particularly those that are made out of wood that is harvested in an environment-friendly way or is recycled. Wood shakes are a green-friendly choice given that the materials have very low effect on the water runoff quality. These are stable and have a lifespan of about 3 decades.

Ceramic roofing tiles

These are usually long-lasting and can lend a lot of elegance to your home. Such types of tiles are fireproof and can resist fading easily. High-grade tiles can last for 5 to 7 decades. Tile roofs in the US have Spanish architectural elements. These tiles overlap, in order to prevent rainwater, and hang in parallel rows. However, in areas with fluctuating weather, these tiles can erode. These are fragile although those that manage to last, can last for a long time.

Asphalt shingles

These are the commonest residential roofing Townsville material that can be seen in use in many US homes, and can be installed easily as well as economically. That is the reason why so many homeowners and roofers love them. These can be found in many styles and colors, can be installed easily and are appropriate for varied temperatures.

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Beau Parker Elijah

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