Effective tips for pool cleaning

The swimming pool is one of those places where you get to relax and workout your whole body. You should never forget to regularly clean and maintain the pool. Routine cleaning helps you to prevent big problems. Even if you know to handle the small problems such as broken pumps, murky water, etc., you should contact the professionals for pool maintenance.   


Scrubbing the pool

Over time, algae builds-up on the floor of the pool. You need to scrub the floor with chlorine or you can buy a robot vacuum cleaner to clean the floor once in a weak. You should remove the leaves from the water by a skimming net. 

Filter the pool

When you use the pool daily, pool gets filled with many impurities. So, you need to remove the filter cap from the pool deck and remove the debris or such things at least once in a week. You should put out the water from the pool and fill it with fresh water once a month. 

Check the chemical levels timely

Checking the chemical level is a very essential thing for pool maintenance. The imbalance of the chemical levels can cause irritated skin and eyes or other types of disease. You should test the water at least once a week. According to the Center for disease control, you need to consider six chemical levels which are Cyanuric acid, free chlorine, acidity, total alkalinity, calcium hardness.  

 Absorb oils by a tennis ball

After using the pool, you leave hair products, suntan lotion, and natural oils under the surface of the water. You can use a tennis ball to clean the water. It is made of fiber which helps to absorb the oil.

Clean the roll deck cover

A large amount of dirt particles cover the pool deck. You need to use a proper sponge to clean the deck. It does not take too much time; you can use it sometime before using the pool. It prevents the water from getting dirty.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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