Feces Cleanup Service Guide

Feces contamination can occur for a variety of reasons, including accidents, sewage backup, toilet overflow and more. It’s important that feces are properly and professionally cleaned up in order to avoid hazardous waste contamination which can cause disease and other serious health concerns. If you are in need of feces cleanup services, consider the following guide to help you find the right services for your needs.

Feces Contamination

Feces contamination can occur for many reasons. One of the most common causes of feces contamination in a home or place of business is a backed up toilet or backed up plumbing/sewers. In cases where backup occurs, feces may overflow from the toilet or drains. Feces contamination can also occur in situations where someone is not using proper waste disposal tools, such as hoarding situations where someone may be disposing of their feces in a location other than the toilet. 

If left unchecked, feces contamination can cause illness; including potentially serious illnesses. These may be potentially serious if not addressed as soon as possible. 

Urine Contamination

Like feces contamination, urine contamination can occur for a variety of different reasons. The most common source of urine contamination is a backed up toilet or sewage pipe. Urine contamination can occur when the toilet becomes backed up or it can be potentially rerouted to the shower drain, tub drain and sink drains in the home. Urine contamination is also not uncommon in hoarding situations. 

If left unchecked, urine contamination can cause a variety of illnesses and health problems. These may potentially be serious if not addressed as soon as possible. 

Feces and Urine Cleanup Services

If a home or place of business has been exposed to urine or feces to the point of contamination, it needs to be properly handled as soon as possible. Exposure to feces and urine contamination can increase the risk of disease as well as the spread of various pathogens and bacteria throughout the area where feces and urine contamination has not been resolved. 

Feces are particularly dangerous because it can carry pathogens and spread disease; urine may also present a danger if it happens to be combined with certain household chemicals. This potentially serious impact that urine and feces contamination can have on a home or place of business is exactly why a professional cleanup service needs to be called in case of either version of contamination. 

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