Hiring a Suicide Cleanup Service Gainesville FL: 5 Questions People Often Ask

If any type of violent event takes place on your property, you are the one who is responsible for arranging the cleanup. That includes situations involving suicides or homicides. The most practical solution is to hire a remediation service to take care of the suicide/homicide clean up on your behalf. Since you’ve never needed this type of help before, it’s natural that you have questions. Here are a few of the answers that you seek.

Why Do I Need a Cleanup Service? Can’t I Do It Myself?

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Scenes like suicides or homicides typically include the presence of body fluids. Depending on how long the scene remained undetected, those fluids probably seeped into quite a few materials. The combination of body fluids plus the fact they have now contaminated many things within the space means it’s not safe for you to spend any amount of time at the scene.

The team from a cleaning and restoration service knows what precautions to take. Along with using cleaning agents that will remove contaminants from a wider range of materials, the team has the right type of clothing and gear to protect themselves from any pathogens present at the site. While they can do the job with relative safety, you would be at a much greater risk.

How Quickly Can The Service Start?

A remediation service can be contacted as soon as the scene is discovered. They will have a team ready to begin the cleaning immediately after the authorities have finished with the site. It’s not unusual for a service to send a professional out first to access the scene, then make the preparations while the police collect any evidence that they require. You’ll be notified when the authorities are done, which allows you to let the service know the site is now free to clean.

How Long Will The Cleanup Take?

The scene’s specifics dictate how long the cleaning will take. In some cases, a team from a local

suicide cleanup service Gainesville FL will be finished in just a few hours. If the scene was not discovered for some time and there’s a lot of issues to address, it could take a couple of days to finish with everything.

What Happens To Things That Cannot Be Cleaned?

Even with the advanced cleaning technology employed by the service, some materials will be permanently contaminated. They will have to be removed. The service team will ensure they are safely taken from the scene and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. In many instances, this will involve the use of chemicals or possibly incineration.

Will The Service Help Me With The Insurance Claim?

Assuming your property insurance includes provisions for this type of event, you have the option of filing the claim yourself or getting help from the remediation service. You’ll find that a reputable service can file the claim on your behalf or at least help you with the claim forms.

While you hope to never need this type of support, it’s good to know where to turn if a violent crime or a suicide takes place on your property. Remember that protecting yourself is just as important as making sure the site is thoroughly cleaned. Call a professional and it will be easy to accomplish both aims.

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