How Experts of LG washer repair Pasadena Solve these Common Problems

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Washing machines have been an integral part of most families across the country for almost a century. While these machines make life a lot easier for homeowners, they are equally troublesome when they stop working.

Since washing machine problems are so varied, there’s hardly a quick fix to deal with these unique problems. From excessive detergent use to improper cleaning – any small error can cause long-lasting damages to a washing machine. Thankfully, there are some easy fixes and preemptive measures that washing machine owners can take. 

Avoid Washer Shutdowns

When washing machines shut down, they disrupt the user’s weekly schedule. Since these failures are completely unexpected, homeowners have little time to fix them. To avoid shutdown or power supply issues, owners must –

Make sure that the machine is receiving adequate power. The problem may be coming from the home’s electrical panel. Check for tripped circuit breakers and the voltage of the electricity being sent to the machine.

Motor Overheating

Yes, the motors of washing machines are meant to heat up during intense washing or drying cycles. But, if the motors stay hot even after the cycles have ended, there might be a problem with the machine’s fusing arrangement. Make sure the washer receives adequate ventilation. That doesn’t mean opening the lid of the washer in-between cycles. It means turning off the power supply and cleaning the motors after each dry circle. If cleaning the debris and blockages in the motor doesn’t do the trick, owners with little or no knowledge of electronics should step aside and get professional LG washer repair Pasadena.

Drainage Issues

Drainage issues in washing machines are typically caused by minor clogs in the drain hose. In some cases, however, the hose may be broken or out of position. To avoid draining issues in washers, professional repair experts carry out these steps –

  • Visually inspect the drain hose.
  • Check for a buildup of debris or clogs.
  • Use garden hoses to flush debris, clogs, or blockages that are stuck inside the hose.
  • Check for lint filters inside the drain hose.
  • Make sure that the drain hose is placed above the water level inside the drain tub.

Spin Cycle Issues

Spin cycle issues in washing machines typically arise from overloading. Overloaded washing machines lose their balance and their ability to carry out fast and timely spin cycles. Only place limited loads in the machine until the problem is resolved. If the washer’s motor system is damaged, seeking professional help is the best option.


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