How To Choose The Colour For Your Steel Roofing

Even in steel roofing, there are trends that roofing companies and designers follow year in and year out. You might not follow these trends; however it can determine what you choose for your own roof, and it could even affect the colour steel roofing price that you choose. If you’re getting confused with all the colour options available, here’s a guide on how to choose the right colour for your roof.

Look At It In Different Lighting

Lighting is essential in many visual things – art, photography, fashion – and the colour you choose could look different from what you envisioned after you’ve installed it. Because your roof is outdoors, it’s logical to remember that the colour you want, regardless of price, will be in natural lighting all the time.

However, colours can seem different in natural sunlight, in shadow, during dusk, dawn, night time, and even during wet weather. If you want to make a sure decision, look at your colour of choice in different lighting so that you know how it’ll look in all weather conditions, and at any time of day.

Make Sure That Your Choice Is Practical

If you are a homeowner who follows trends, you might remember that in 2018, Ultra Violet was voted as Pantone’s Colour Of The Year. While you might love the idea of having a pretty roof, you must remember to be practical.

For example, if you choose a white roof on your home. It would reflect the sun’s rays, making your house cool inside in summer, and even colder in winter. Your heating bill would get higher, making your home less energy efficient with a white roof than in a darker colour. Besides, your roof would get dirty very quickly, which means that it wouldn’t stay white for long. Therefore, be practical with your choice of colour so that it works out well in the long-term.

Keep The Future In Mind

The problem with keeping up with trends is that they change regularly. If you follow trends for hairstyles, workout habits or accessories, changing them when they stop trending isn’t difficult. However, you can’t change the colour of your steel roof every time a tone goes out of fashion. Remember, steel roofs can last up to fifty years, so you need to make sure that you’ll still love the colour you choose for its entire lifespan.

Will It Stand The Test Of Time?

As mentioned before, regarding the white roof, some roof colours change as they age. Most homeowners want their roof colour to stand the test of time, and look the same as it did when it was installed. However, some do alter as the years go by. Make sure that the paint you use is high-quality, such as a PVDF coating.

If you welcome the change, you need to be smart about what you choose. Some bare metals change naturally, such as copper. As copper roofs age, it’s natural patina will change, but it will never look unnatural or unappealing. Your roofing contractor’s coating supplier will be able to recommend brands, colours and coatings which will age well enough that the colour will remain the same over the years.

Try It On

Before you decide to buy a new car, you take it for a test drive. You can get the feel of the engine and can make a better-informed decision on whether you can see yourself driving that car in the years ahead. However, a roof coating isn’t something that you can try out before you make the decision. Fortunately, roofing contractors and coating specialists know this. They also understand how difficult it is to make a decision that will last over thirty years.

If you wish you could envision what your roof would look like in a specific shade, there are free tools online which give you that chance. They’re called “roof coating visualisers”, and they allow you to upload a photograph of your house, and choose a colour you’re interested in. The colour match might not be perfect, but they give you a good idea on what your home would look like in a specific shade.


When you’re picking the colour of your steel roofing, you want to be sure in the colour that you choose. Buyer’s remorse is not something that’s easily fixed when it’s the colour coating on your roof, because the price to install it is so costly. Before you make the wrong decision, use these helpful tips on how to select the right colour steel roofing for you, which will go with the design of your home and the neighbourhood.



Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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