How To Safely Clean Up Broken Glass

It can happen to nearly anyone. Strong weather knocks a tree limb into your window or someone plays a little too rough in the house and breaks a mirror. Even glass tables and shower doors end up breaking sometimes. Broken glass poses a hazard if you aren’t careful. These steps keep you free of cuts as you clean up glass and wait for a repair company.

Assess and Secure the Affected Space

As soon as you realize broken glass is on the floor, back out of the room and put on shoes if you don’t already have them on so that you don’t cut yourself during the cleanup process. Find the source of the glass to determine how big the job is and how many supplies you need. If the culprit is a window, glass door, or large table, it’s likely obvious. Smaller items, like small mirrors or end tables might be less obvious. If the broken glass is from a window, secure it with tape and plastic until you can contact someone for glass repair Irving TX.

Clean Up the Visible Mess

After you find the source of the broken glass and determine about how far it spread, start cleaning up the large pieces. If you can, put on gloves to protect you from sharp edges. Pick up all the large pieces of glass and double-bag them to keep them from penetrating the plastic. After collecting the large pieces, use a broom and dustpan or a vacuum to sweep the area. Do so twice for the best results. Be especially mindful if you vacuum, as pulling a shard of glass under a wheel can cause scratching on non-carpeted floors.

Look for the Tiny Pieces

The unfortunate problem with cleaning up glass is that it easily hides. If you have duct tape or another type that is thick with wide stripes, you can use strips of it to pull up tiny pieces from the floor. Don’t worry if you don’t have tape. You’ll just need to get creative. You can use a potato or another large root vegetable, cut it in half and press it against the places where you may have missed pieces. Slices of soft bread and damp paper towels work much the same way for picking up glass.

Remember, all types of glass can be repaired. Even if your broken piece isn’t a window or shower door, don’t fret. Simply seek out a company that specializes in repair of glass furniture and decor as well to help you keep the pieces you love.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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