How To Safely Park In A Parking Lot

As a reminder, here are the different ways to park and the techniques you need to know how to adapt to park with confidence, especially in a parking lot with parking lot bumps which helps to reduce the driver’s speed.

How to park: the basic rules

  • The first thing to remember when learning how to park is to respect the basic rules of road safety:
  • signal your intention to park with the flashing light.
  • Park in such a way that it does not interfere with other road users or pedestrians.
  • Do not put one or more wheels on a sidewalk.
  • Use your mirrors and imperatively turn around to have a direct view of the rear of the vehicle.
  • Do not cross a white line to park.
  • Park in the direction of the road and not against the direction of the road.

How To Park In A Row?

Parking in a row is one of the simplest to achieve because the locations are well delimited, and it is done most of the time in places where the speed of circulation is reduced (such as car parks, for example). To park in a row, it is preferable to reverse to have maximum visibility during the subsequent exit. Bring the rear of your vehicle up to the level of the vehicle, which will ultimately be on your right. Back up with a slow rotation of the steering wheel. Visibility is then good on the vehicle on your right but not on the one on your left. If in doubt, take a forward step to get back in line.

How To Park In Parallel?

In the direction of the road, bring the rear door of the car up to the level of the rear light of the vehicle, which will ultimately be in front, back up by turning the steering wheel as far as possible to the right. Stop the maneuver when the car’s rear-view mirror comes up to the rear light of the vehicle parked in front. Counter-steer slightly and reverse slowly to get the car parallel to the sidewalk. You can consult our fact sheet dedicated to the subject for more details: succeeding in your niche.

How To Park On A Herringbone?

This is generally practiced in forwarding motion. When the front of the car comes to the start of the location, steer to the right without pulling the vehicle too tightly to the right. It may be necessary to reverse to get back on the axis.

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