Make your Garden Look Lively with Plants from a Long Island Fall Festival

Garden adds an extra value and beauty to your house. Every other house owner wants an amazing looking garden which can be eye pleasing to everyone who sees it. Long island fall festival is one of the best examples that shows people love to visit and have fun in the healthy and green environment. You do all the possible things to make your garden more lively and beautiful. There are many garden designing and planting trends that you can follow:

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  • Selecting first row – selecting the first row of your garden is very important. Many people plant big shrubs and plants in the first row. This hides the plants present at the back of the big shrubs in a first row. You should choose the plants which have less upward growth so that you can enjoy the beauty of other plants too. Maintaining the first row regularly is important to provide your garden a clean and sharp look. People usually go for the green color shrubs and plants for the first row. 
  • Color impact – color plays an important role in enhancing the whole look of your garden or landscape. If the direct sunlight is too harsh on your garden, going for light color flowers will make it dull. Go for the darker and vibrant colors like purple, red, magenta, etc. If the sunlight has a less reach on your garden, you can go for the pastel colors flower. This will make them glow and will make your garden more elegant. 
  • Berried plants – you can also go for berried plants which add an extra richness to your garden. These small red berries look beautiful with greenery of plants around it. Avoid going for darker or black colored berries instead go for the vibrant ones. 

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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