Popular Uses for Pole Barns

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The significance of the agricultural industry in the Midwest is no secret. For hundreds of years, deep fertile soil and extensive rural landscape has enabled this place we call home to be among the absolute best areas for farmers to grow crops and raise livestock. As time passes, ag employees in America’s Heartland have used the 127 million acres of agricultural property to create a $76 billion industry and to grow into among the biggest suppliers of the world’s food, fibers, and other substances people depend on daily. Many are farming corn and soybeans, others are raising hogs and beef cattle, and many more are part of a commercial seed business. No matter their precise function in the market, one thing is consistent; they nearly all use pole buildings and metal pole barns. But what makes these types of buildings so popular with agricultural experts? Read on to find out.

The very first thing most use this to get is gear protection or storage. Those big petrol tractors, spreaders, sprayers, and combines work hard outside in the area. The better you store and protect your expensive equipment, the longer it will keep working hard for you. Machine sheds really are a really cost-efficient choice for farm machines storage as they generally do not have insulated walls or concrete flooring. Many find the strong steel roof and four strong walls of a very simple machine shed to be adequate for farm storage. Other people prefer to maintain their rod building warm in winter months with insulating material, concrete foundation, along with a sealed lining within all material gaps. The major advantage to some lined and insulated stores is the ability to work on your equipment and projects all-year-round while also preventing line and fluid freezing. Our custom 2d & 3d CAD capabilities allow us to design and construct lined shop/machine shed mixes with any floorplan or attributes you can imagine.

Pole buildings aren’t just useful on farms, they’re also a favorite choice for commercial companies across the Midwest. Again, a big reason behind this is the fact that they are customized to your particular needs. Floor plans can be made for operational efficiency and prospective business development, and everything from overhead door width to warehouse ceiling height can be constructed to match your exact specifications.

Adding exterior features like cupolas, porch overhang window and window shutters will increase curb appeal and also result in a more enjoyable work atmosphere.

It’s also rather common for seed dealership pole buildings to include some kind of finished office area within the building. Our past builds have contained everything from home meeting rooms, to completely plumbed bathrooms, and even complete kitchen break-room places.

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