Renting Your Apartment Seasonal

Are you planning to acquire an apartment in the city center to rent it to tourists? Are you planning to buy a villa by the sea that will serve as a second home to rent for a few months a year? Before embarking on a seasonal rental investment, you must ask yourself an essential question: that of yield. How much can it bring you?

Airbnb, Abritel, Homeaway, seasonal rental sites are sprouting up on the web. It is important to keep in mind that this boom has pushed the government to create certain regulations to better frame this system. Is the activity still profitable for those who comply with all laws and regulations?


Seasonal Rentals: A Real Slot Machine?

Two apartments instead of one, it is the pledge of a double rent and to largely exceed the self-financing like in Condo near Thonburi (คอนโด กรุงธนบุรี which is is the term in Thai) . Investing in a second home can be very beneficial to your wallet if you choose to rent it out when you are not staying there. It is a great way to repay your mortgage, pay your expenses, and make a good investment with it; and eventually, the prospect of owning a home without having to put it out of your pocket can become a reality. The profitability of a seasonal rental is generally higher than that of a bare rental, whether furnished or empty. In some countries, you get 4 months of seasonal rental (legal limit in these three cities) are generally equivalent to profitability for 12 months of conventional rental, and even higher

Other advantages, the seasonal hiring removes the risk of unpaid rents, these being generally paid at the time of the reservation online. The risk of unpaid rent is almost zero. This is the main drawback when investing in real estate, which therefore in this case is canceled. Seasonal rentals have many advantages.

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