Take Notes: 5 Tips for Styling Your Scottsdale Kitchen Like a Pro

Think Scottsdale and an image of the city’s bustling culinary landscape forms in your mind.

Whether you sample Scottsdale’s local cuisine at Olive & Ivy or have a gourmet meal at Atlas Bistro, getting a taste of the city’s delectable flavors and heat is a must-have experience. And if you’re a local, you probably know this better than anybody else!

While Scottsdale is known for its fragrant farmers markets and dynamic restaurants, it’s also recognized for its ultra-glamorous residential kitchens. Homeowners proudly bring the city’s fresh produce and spices to their culinary theatres to whip up delectable recipes.

And while ingredients and skills matter, the space is just as important!

Let’s face it: nobody likes cooking up a storm in a space that appears lackluster, dull, and uninspiring. We’d rather order takeout!

If you’ve been struggling to revitalize your kitchen, we’ve rounded up five powerful styling tips to help you get started!

1. Gorgeous Graphite Hues for the Win

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Scottsdale kitchens are known for their deep graphite cabinets, counter stools, and oven hoods.

If you’re in the midst of styling your kitchen, we suggest opting for eye-catching graphite furnishings and details that make your space appear more compelling and dynamic. Keep the countertops white to ensure easy clean-up.

In addition, indulge in a pair of stunning black steel French doors that imbue your space with functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Steel French doors are known for their versatility and longevity. Not only will your kitchen reap the benefits of unparalleled design, but it’ll also become more practical.

2. Leverage Impactful Lighting

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No matter how well-designed your kitchen may be, forgoing strong lighting can make it appear nondescript and forgettable.

If you want to feel energized in your kitchen, you have to leverage impactful lighting. There’s simply no way around it!

Keep these strategies in mind:

  • Ensure the glow is noteworthy
  • Ensure the source of the glow is equally compelling

Opting for lighting fixtures that emanate a warm glow and look equally dazzling when turned off will ultimately make your kitchen stand out.

Choose LED lighting to save $$$ in the long run and make the most of stunning luminosity.

Complement the summery kitchen warmth by investing in charcoal black counter stools and iron glass doors. To add more depth and dimension, opt for black shelf rods.

3. Indulge in Vaulted Kitchen Ceilings and Creamy Hues

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Vaulted ceilings with beams and double-height ceilings have been the two most sought-after kitchen trends of 2020.

If you’re renovating your home or looking for a new place, opt for gorgeous manila or cream vaulted ceilings with beams. The simple yet transformative switch will make your kitchen appear twice as riveting!

The best part? You can hang lighting fixtures from the beams for an eye-catching effect that keeps you engrossed for hours.

If you’re a fan of all-things-minimalism, we suggest keeping the palette neutral and crisp.

Opt for factory-style steel doors that create the illusion of a larger kitchen. As an added plus, the beautiful view will keep you entertained as you try your hand at new recipes!

4. Place a Captivating Centerpiece on Your Kitchen Island

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There’s a reason why birthday cakes have a cake topper. A cherry on top, a bold and captivating accessory serves as the perfect embellishment to just about anything.

If your kitchen island features a few accessories and a fruit bowl at best, it’s time to get to work.

Keep a lookout for bold and compelling centerpieces that match your aesthetic and complement the colors and textures of your kitchen. Whether you opt for a gorgeous pewter vase with fresh (or fake—we won’t tell) flowers or a contemporary crystal bowl, a captivating centerpiece will ultimately make your kitchen appear more sophisticated and luxurious.

Top the makeover off by installing industrial-style steel doors that bathe your kitchen island in fresh bursts of sunlight.

5. Love a Classic Scottsdale Rustic Kitchen? Go About It the Right Way!

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Scottsdale residents are known for their passion for rustic, vintage, and eclectic interior spaces. And while modern design and décor have taken Arizona by storm, there’s still ample room for rustic creativity.

If you’ve been aching to design a classic Scottsdale kitchen, take the reins!

However, it’s important to ensure you go about things the right way.

Instead of bathing the entire space in monotone rustic colors and textures, select a particular area. For instance, this could be the kitchen island, sink section, or kitchen dining space.

Sectioning off a selected area will help retain balance and prevent your kitchen from appearing overdone.

Once you’ve chosen a section, incorporate a walnut-colored backsplash, cabinets, shelves, and accessories to do the rustic serenity justice.

Top it all off with iron patio doors that usher you to your gorgeous outdoor space.

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