The Benefits of Wood Veneer for Updating a Home

You may be looking forward to renovating your home– taking time to consider new cabinets, furniture, or kitchen and bath countertops to match a modern style. There are so many materials to choose from, each with their own benefits. Veneer has become a popular material choice for updating your home’s look. You may be wondering what it is, and what are its uses? Veneer is used to cover surfaces, giving them a desirable appearance. It comes in a variety of styles like wood, stone, and marble. Veneered surfaces, after application, look like the material they’re meant to represent without being entirely composed of it. The use of wood veneer sheets is especially popular for updating cabinetry and furniture.

Decorating surfaces with wood veneer is a practice with a long history, dating to the 17th century. When you think of veneer, your impression may be tied to an old association with using veneer to cover poorly constructed furniture or flimsy materials. Now, wood veneer sheets are high quality, and can be used to add a stylish element to home surfaces, giving you the aesthetic you desire. Wood veneer is commonly seen in kitchen cabinet updates, as styles change and people modernize their look.

Wood veneer sheets come in several types of wood, and are cut at a thickness of 1/90th to 1/40th of an inch, meaning they are extremely thin and pliable. This veneer is sliced in sheets from a log. Types of wood veneer sheets available include birch, ash, oak, bamboo, cherry, walnut, and teak, meaning there’s a wood veneer for any home’s interior style.

So why use wood veneer in your home renovations? For one, it’s far cheaper than purchasing items made of solid wood, without sacrificing appearance. Since wood veneer is a natural product, it’s durable, meaning it resists warping and fragmentation better than material like laminate. It’s also non-toxic, and can be applied with non-toxic adhesive. Another benefit is that it’s recyclable, helping reduce wood waste. It’s also more eco-friendly since it uses far less wood than cabinets or furniture composed entirely of solid wood. Wood veneer sheets also add strength when applied to furniture or cabinetry made of substrates, acting as a shield that protects the underlying material from the elements.

As you plan for home renovations and review your materials, consider veneer as a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing option.

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Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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