The Categories of Commercial Real Estate Business

There are 6 types or categories of commercial real estate business namely (1) office buildings, both of urban office buildings and suburban office buildings (2) Retail, which comprises retailers and restaurants, (3) industrial buildings, (4) multifamily residential buildings, (5) hotel accommodations, and (6) Properties for special purposes. The CRE or Commercial Real Estate business constitute the properties which generate profit particularly financial profit and social benefit. The above categories of commercial real estate properties generate financial as well as social profits. Contact the Forum for benefitting out of the entire 6 types of commercial real estate business and flourish your business. See below the brief details of the 6 types of commercial real estate properties.

  • Office Buildings: There are basically two types of office building, single tenanted and multi-tenanted. The office buildings are normally ranked 3 tires from class A to class C. The class A office buildings comprises of prestigious and sophisticated premier office status. They normally require high-quality style of finishing, artistic standard and market presence. The class B constitute wide range of purposes both quality office purposes as well renting. The building finishes are fair and good. The class C office building are comprised of functional spaces below the average standard basically for rental purposes.
  • Retail: Retail constitute building properties basically for the purposes of retailers and restaurants. The retail can be multi-tenanted with an anchor or a central tenant who brings in traffic. The retail sector is rather complex in standard. For example, the retail comprises of community centres, regional mall, power centre, strip centre etc. which need various metrics as per their sizes, types, trade area, number of tenants, concept and purposes.
  • Industrial buildings: Industrial buildings include variety of tenants and are normally located at the outskirts of the city or towns. The industrial buildings serve the purposes of industrial houses and generally built in urban and seldom in sub-urban areas mostly alongside the highways. There are broadly 4 types of industrial buildings, heavy manufacturing, light assembly, bulk warehouses, and flex industries.
  • Multi-family residential buildings: The multi-family residential buildings include all types apartments, co-ops, condos, town-homes etc. The structures also are divided into class A to class C.
  • Hotel: The hotel sector comprises of accommodation or lodging, food facilities or restaurants inside the hotel and other facilities for the tourists and travellers. The hotel may be flagged or boutique.
  • Properties for special purpose: This includes properties like amusements parks, churches or other types of religious structures, self-storage etc.      

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