Top mistakes that we should know while making coffee

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Coffee is a medicine for the heart and spirit. Benjamin Franklin considered it one of the most valuable luxuries at the table because it brings joy without intoxication. The legendary Sherlock Holmes believed that there is nothing like that black concoction to stimulate brain cells. There have been and are many fans of such everyday and deep-rooted drink. However, do we know how to make good coffee at home? Did we choose the correct coffee maker? 

Do not choose quality coffee.

A suitable raw material is essential to prepare a good coffee. In quality stores, we find the so-called speciality coffee, a product chosen by expert tasters defined as “a coffee without defects”. It is necessary to take into account how it has been grown and how it is roasted. It is not advisable to buy it with a mixture of more than two or three origins because that way, the personality of the coffee is not preserved.

Do not buy it freshly roasted

The coffee must be bought freshly roasted to preserve its freshness. In specialized stores, coffee is roasted with small machines, with more care than in large mass industries. Thus, its properties are better preserved, and the bitter taste of commercial coffee is reduced to which we are already very accustomed. The bitter trace of coffee is natural because it comes from caffeine. However, if the coffee is excessively roasted, the bitter taste increases and the beans lost their natural balance.

Grind it badly and not do it right away

Just as important as buying a freshly roasted coffee is that you grind it right away. The difference is similar to cutting a salad and eating it right away. There are two types of coffee makers in the market: one with an auto-grinding option and another is without a grinding option. For the non-grinding coffee maker, you need to grind the coffee beans separately and then pour the coffee dust into the machine. The idea is to buy an automatic coffee maker with a grinding option. The Cf091 ninja coffee bar is the best choice in terms of quality, affordability and brand reputation.

Not taking care of the coffee maker

Like everything in life, a coffee maker requires primary care. If we have an Italian coffee maker, we must check that the rubber that seals the thread remains white. In the case of the filter or drip coffee maker, it is advisable to run hot water over the filters before placing them to make sure they are well cleaned because some are bleached with a solution that contains chlorine.

Store coffee in a wrong place

Where should coffee beans or ground coffee be stored so that it is preserved correctly? Well, like sugar, you should keep the coffee in a cool, dry and opaque place. It can only be stored in the refrigerator to avoid being in contact with air and humidity. Coffee is a hygroscopic food that should be separated from other fresh foods because it is straightforward to absorb odours. Water is essential for us to get a good coffee. Tap water is not ideal for achieving this. Mineral water must be used.

Reheat the coffee

Coffee must be consumed immediately to enjoy all the nuances of its flavour. Making a coffee pot for the whole day and reheating as you drink it is equivalent to toasting bread in the morning and toasting the same slice again in the middle of the afternoon. Storing the coffee oxidizes it and reheating it rancid, but if you have no choice but to do so, at least keep it in a thermos to preserve the original heat. Friendship is like coffee. Once cold, it never returns to its original flavour, even if it is reheated.

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