What are the Benefits of Carpeting?

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Who doesn’t love a living space that is well equipped with all necessities? Such a properly accessorized space always has a calming effect on our nerves and also boosts our creativity and productivity. Interior designers always lay great stress on this and case studies have proved that homes and offices that are better equipped leave a long lasting positive impact on the people who use them. Among all necessities the most important one is carpet. From beautifying homes and offices alike to providing insulation to our rooms, carpets have varying usages and advantages.

Let’s take a quick look at some benefits that carpeting offers us:

  1. Carpets are used for Insulation: This is the primary function of all carpets that they keep our homes insulated in cold weather. This results in energy conservation thus reducing energy bills. Recent studies have shown that carpeted home owners have noticed a 10% decrease in energy bills in the cold winter months. The plush feel of thick warm carpets is sure to ease sore muscles after a long tiring day.
  1. Carpets are Air Purifiers:  Most of the time carpets act as air purifiers because they retain airborne dust particles. They trap the particles in their fibers and till the next vacuum they stay there. Most people have the misconception that carpets cause dust allergies but recent studies show that carpets are helpful in keeping triggers at bay. As a result the air indoors remains clean.
  1. Carpets are Sound Absorbers:  Another extraordinary benefit of carpets is that they are natural sound proofers. Environmental noise is reduced with carpets too because carpets don’t reflect sound rather they absorb them. Sound insulation is affected further by the height and density of carpets.  Thicker denser carpets act as outstanding sound absorbers.
  1. Carpets as Cosmetic Cover ups: Improper and defected floors are a common nuisance for all. Tending to these deafest is a tiresome and expensive chore. The easiest and cheapest way to hide these cosmetic defects is to cover them with appropriate floor coverings. Carpets brilliantly cover these defects and also revamp the living space.
  1. Carpets are safe and warm:  The soft plush feel of carpets is irreplaceable. It is a cherished feeling to relax on a carpet in front of a fireplace or play board games with your family. All such activities are comfortable on a covered floor. Also textile coverings provide ample cushioning that doesn’t disturb bones and joints making them more comfortable. Since carpets are non slippery, they also reduce slip and fall accidents and thus lower the risk of floor injuries.
  1. Beautification:  Another core concept of placing wall to wall or centre pieces is the beautification of that particular space. Interior designers have laid great stress on the roles carpets play in beautifying homes. They create a warm welcoming ambiance. The change made by simple placing a carpet or replacing an old carpet with a new one creates visible change in any room.
  1. Carpets are Luxury Pieces:There are some owners who love to splurge in lavish home decors. For them upholstery is a way to express their immaculate taste. Carpet is also one such piece that can be counted among them, but they fall in the pricier range.
  1. Carpets are versatile: Carpets are the most versatile among all upholstery. They can be mixed or matched with the prevalent pieces in the living space and create a totally new feel. The colors, designs, textures, sizes can be varied for a whole new ambiance. Creative minds have the ability to use floor coverings in carefully mastering rooms without harming the budget. They do the trick by simply replacing old pieces with new ones and voila! Magic has been done.

Mentioned above are just some of the benefits about carpets  and not every single one of them could be penned down but what we all know is that carpets are here to stay. With the  ever evolving interior fashion scenes, carpets are here to stay no matter what the trend divas have to say about them and wirth the innumerable benefits they offer us, I don’t assume that we will get easily get rid of them sooner

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

Elijah Beau Parker: Elijah, a certified green builder, discusses sustainable building practices, energy-efficient homes, and eco-friendly construction materials.