What are the Types of Extensions Extension Builders Can Give You?

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When there is a problem related to space, extension can be a viable solution. More and more people who own a home think about starting a property extension project, in order to get some extra space. It can be more time and cost-saving than buying a new house. Know about the 3 popular types of home extensions that can be offered by professional Extension builders Edinburgh.

Loft Conversions

If your house has an attic, you can maximize the use of the space that is available, and begin the conversion project. Loft conversion is actually one of the best and commonest ways to get additional space, by focusing on the existing area of a new house. Many homeowners request Extension builders Edinburgh to help them with this. This can be effective in providing you with the amount of space that you need, and ensuring more comfort in your own living ambiance.


This is one more important extension for property, and can help you to make most use of the space that is available already. With a conservatory, a major advantage is how the design and structure has been created in order to admit natural light. You have to ensure that there is optimal level of comfort in your house, and for this, you have to check out the designs and planning of the extension builder with more care. When you hire expert Extension builders Edinburgh, this can be possible more easily.

Basement, Side and Rear Extensions

A basement extension can help you to make your own studio. You can use side extensions to get more space, and be able to have more bedrooms. It can be a great way to create one more living room or have an extra bathroom. When you have a rear extension, it can help open up the kitchen area and extend it until it is able to reach the garden at the back. Then, the extension can be used as a kitchen space. It can also be transformed by Extension builders Edinburgh into a living area or dining space, if you want.

After you decide to opt for a home extension, it is important for you to find the best extension builder to handle the job. You have to look at the past projects of the builder in the area, and find out whether he has sufficient experience in home extensions. Look for experienced Extension builders Edinburgh.

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