What are the Types of Fences Installed for Dogs?

How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Yard

When it comes to finding the perfect Colorbond fence installation for your dog, the possibilities seem endless. But in general, there are four main types of fences private, chain (like lamella), invisible electric and portable. What you choose will depend a lot on the boundaries you want to set, the size of your space and what type of dog you have.

Privacy fences

As the name suggests, privacy Colorbond fence installation is designed to provide complete isolation from the outside world. Engraving pets will benefit the most from this type of fence, which will easily start passers-by or small animals that roam your yard. And because they are usually made of wood or vinyl, privacy fences are also very strong – a must for dogs who like to bark. Private fences are approximately 4 to 8 feet long.

A private fence is a good choice for a small dog, but if your puppy likes to climb high heights, you will want to go to something higher, such as an 8-foot.The main disadvantage of privacy gateways is that their installation can be relatively expensive and time consuming. If you are not available, you may need to hire a professional to do it for you.

Invisible electric fence

The invisible electric fence consists of a wire and a wearable collar. It releases a harmless static correction when your pet exceeds the limit you set. These are ideal for dogs who like to roam because they provide a safe control. They are also very cheap and easy to install – you can handle them yourself in a few hours. An invisible electric Colorbond fence installation has no privacy or visual barrier.

Chain link and slat

A chain or lamella fence is a popular choice for many pet owners because it is cheap, easy to maintain and easily adapts to the space. They are also great for dogs who like to dig. Chain fences are made of metal and have small, interlocking parts that form an eye-like surface. Strip fences, on the other hand, consist of horizontal and vertical spacers that allow for visibility while providing some privacy. If your dog barks or jumps fast, a chain or slatted fence may not be the best choice because the fences have no acoustic or visual barriers.

Portable fence

These inexpensive cutting structures are usually made of metal or plastic and are easy to install and disassemble if required. Portable Colorbond fence installation is a great choice for tenants and owners of small enclosures.

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Beau Parker Elijah

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