What do colors of a candle represent in spiritual world?

Candles are no longer the major source of light yet it finds ways to be in houses. Candles have long been used for a lot of spiritual and religious proceedings throughout the world. People nowadays often use different colored candles for decoration and meditation. A lot of people don’t understand the meaning of the color of the candle they choose. The best religious candle will have great aroma, beautiful looks and a lot of spiritual benefits.

The following list will help you to understand the meaning of different colored candles and you can easily shop religious oil:

  • Red

Red is the color of passion, fire, strength, vitality, sexuality and sexual potency. This is a vibrant and strong color, connected to the root chakra of human body which relates to finances and security.  It is often considered to be a bringer of strength, good health and courage. They can be used to create new reality, promote changes, and boost your ambitions, promotions and career.

  • Silver

Silver is a beautiful looking color which can be used for intuition, clairvoyance and inspiration. Silver colored candles are often associated with the astral energy. People use silver colored candles for a variety of tasks like making better decisions, gaining clarity, different religious rituals and offerings.

  • Pink 

Pink is a simple, calm and beautiful color that is often associated with self love or love in general. Pink candles can often be found in romantic restaurants as it is a symbol of love. Pink colored candles are said to give out positive manifestations and happiness. They emit soft vibrations of love, romance and affection and can be used to attract your soul mate.

  • Gold

This color is associated with wealth, prosperity and good luck. People light these candles for their career aspirations of financial gains. Spiritual experts say that they are very beneficial if you are facing legal issues as well. It is associated with sun and it is believed that it draws power from cosmic energy.

Beau Parker Elijah

Beau Parker Elijah

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