Why You Need a New Shower Head Water Filter


Ever wonder why your skin is still greasy despite all the cleaning? Are you feeling that your hair isn’t as soft and smooth even though you spent a lot on shampoos? Your shower head water filter could be the problem.

The Chlorine In Water

High levels of chlorine are found in water. This chlorine can cause skin irritations and damage to the human body.

These are the most serious problems that shower chlorine can cause.

  • The body absorbs the chloride ions from the skin.
  • Chlorine exposure can cause hair loss.
  • Exposure to chlorine can cause acne and eczema.
  • The THM in the shower can also cause cancer.

The Solution:

This can be avoided by using a water filter in your showerhead.

The world is changing at an incredible pace. There are always new innovations in the world and these new filters for showerheads.

The shower head water filters remove chlorine and other harmful impurities while maintaining the same water pressure.

Rain Garden Showerhead Water Filter

The filter can purify up to 30,000 liters per day, and provide a pleasant experience in the shower.

Features and Benefits

Water-powered LED lights are able to tell you the right water temperature.

  • For 30,000 gallons
  • Reduced Chlorine by up to 95%
  • The LED light in the 3-tone LED changes colors and shows you whether your water temperature has reached boiling, freezing, or taciturn.
  • It takes only one year to make lasting changes
  • Softens the skin
  • Water pressure-activated
  • Filter included

This post was written by a water treatment expert at Pure Blue H2O. At Pure Blue H2O we are the providers of the best shower head water filter! We know that the best product comes from the best materials. They offer whole home water solutions such as reverse osmosis systems, filter replacements, and a variety of similar products. Their focus is to provide Americans with safe and clean water throughout the home. 

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